A Movement of Change, Change My Mind to Cleanse My Heart to Grasp My Spirit to Heal My Soul

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This area is massaged by applying oils to the abdomen area using clockwise directions around the area of the navel.

I fasted for 11 days, here is what happened

The Heart Chakra. Massaging the area of the upper back and a gentle traction to the shoulder joint and arm along with myofascial releases the pectoral muscles that assist in opening up this particular Chakra region. The Throat Chakra. Gentle neck traction and release of restricted fascia tissues that surrounds the back and front of the neck is then followed by a gentle massage of the neck and the attachments to the base of the head.

The Third Eye Chakra.

Chakra Healing: 9 Amazing Ways To Clean And Heal Your Chakras

The Crown Chakra. We are able to rebalance the Chakras by exposing our body to different colors in our homes, our food and the clothes that we wear. Other ways to absorb colors is to wear color glasses that absorb the vibrations needed in our bodies. Some of the popular techniques include the Solfeggio that is music frequencies used to create healing sounds.

“If you can read this sentence, I can prove God exists”

Another type of music commonly used would be the Isochronic Chakra Suite that are brainwave entrainment techniques that include Tibetan singing bowls combined with Solfeggio frequencies. After a thorough examination they are able to offer suitable healing treatments in regards to Chakra healing.

The Chakra stones are known as healing crystals that contain specific colors and vibrations. Every Chakra has a specified color, and this same color can be used in Chakra healing. However, even though the majority of stones with a certain color will be used to heal a specific Chakra, there are a few stones that can be utilized to heal multiple Chakras i. Clear quartz. When the wheel-of-energy or a Chakra is stuck it can be beneficial to release the energy or prana using movement.

How to Ask the Universe for a Sign and Trust the Guidance You Receive - Gabby Bernstein

This encourages the flow of vital and fresh energy back into the body through breath and postures. Essential oils also form an important part of Chakra healing and are generally used combined with massage techniques. Below is a list of recommended oils for each Chakra:.


Mindvalley is creating a global school that delivers transformational education for all ages. Powered by community. Fueled by fun. We are dedicated to ensuring that humans live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives by plugging in the gaps that conventional education failed to teach us. We do this by organising real-world events around the world and producing world-class quality programmes in several areas of transformation, including mind, body, and performance. I absorbed them like a sponge and they are now mine to access and enjoy forever!

I felt stuck in life and depressed. I was concerned about the financial situation of my family and community, but was resistant to looking at our money issues. I felt so much responsibility for my home, farm, family, church and community that it felt like I was carrying an invisible load that I had no clue how to deal with, nor exactly what it was? Although I was very skeptical about the effectiveness of this work, my first experience blew me away! I could actually FEEL the shifts in my body as wounds that spanned over generations were healed.

Through the processes Tal facilitated, I became viscerally aware of where my struggles lay and what needed to shift for my life to change. I was in complete awe of the range of feelings and sensations I experienced that, up until that moment, I had no clue were even there, nor how they were affecting my life so deeply. As a result of the work we did together I feel so much lighter and freer, my pain has substantially subsided and I can now look at money and budgets without fear.

As an exercise to open up to abundance, just before my immersion with Tal, I set an intention to manifest two boats for our pond. I experienced an opening up to abundance and am very much aware of how the healing in my life continues to unfold. Tal is a genius. She is also humble, loving, fun and creates a safe, sacred and nurturing space to work in. After experiencing her work I felt filled with love, light and joy!

Create a solid foundation for your business by healing the relationship between your inner masculine and feminine. Become aware of "what you don't know that you don't know" so you can make conscious decisions from an informed and clear state of being.


Reveal and Clear The Root Cause behind patterns such as debt, under-earning, under-charging for your services and other sneaky dynamics that weigh you and your business down. Embrace your visibility and authentic voice in the marketplace.

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Get Crystal Clear and focused about your fastest path to cash and clients by clearing the energetic gunk that is keeping you stuck in lack, invisibility and self sabotage. Resolve Your Addiction To Perfection so you can manifest boldly by embracing your "imperfectly perfect" self.

Gain Clarity and Momentum Around Your Soul's Purpose so that all parts of your business and life are fueled by a higher vision. Heal Deep, Unresolved Patterns around feeling like a "fraud".

741 Hz ❯ Spiritual Detox ❯ Remove Toxins & Negative Thoughts ❯ Mandala Meditation Music

Clear Inner Fog around your messaging, inner worth and authentic contribution to the world so that your ideal clients know without a shadow of a doubt that they want to work with you. Raise Your Frequency around wealth and money so you can truly experience freedom and ease around raising your rates, getting well paid for your services, and graciously receiving the riches this universe desires to bestow upon you Make Decisions that are aligned with the prosperity and soul of your business. Access Inner Resources and Ancestral Support to forge a powerful path towards authentic freedom and prosperity.

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Powerfully Embody Your Success so you can move from strategizing about success "as you define it" to actually living it as your life. I have felt incredibly supported, challenged and accompanied on this profound journey. I've moved out of a place of stress and strain around money and into a space of being at complete peace in my heart and mind. Thank you Tal! You're a gem! My intensive with Tal was very powerful and deep.

It revealed many layers I was not aware of before. The process lead me to heal my relationship with the sacred masculine and balance the masculine-feminine polarities within me. The work we did was so powerful that I had to rest and stay in my room for a few hours afterwards. I had a very deep cleansing. My entire body responded to what transpired. A few days after our intensive, through divine synchronicities, I met a wonderful man with whom I am now deeply exploring the beauty and sacredness of this dance between our masculine and feminine energies. Tal is a deep soul and a wonderful heart connected woman.

Her presence allowed me to have trust and confidence in her and her offerings. She was extremely professional, respectful, discreet when needed, highly intuitive and supportive. I really love her presence and feel blessed to have met her and to experience a healing with her. Thank you Tal for being a part of this very sacred journey! Guiding Principle 1. Knowledge is great and valuable to bring forward new concepts and tools to our awareness. However, it is not until we have an experience of the concepts learned, or actually use the tools in our own lives, that we gain first hand experience and an authentic integrated knowing of that which we already know in our minds My products, workshops and programs contain many experiential activities designed to support you in shifting out of the state of consciousness in which a problem occurred, and put you in a state of consciousness wherein the problem can resolve effortlessly.

Guiding Principle 2. Our inner processes are cyclical in nature and resemble the many layers of an onion. We peel one layer to reveal yet another inner layer. Although the same core issues may come up over and over again in our lives, this does not mean we haven't already peeled many of the outer layers and are closer to healing the issue for the very last time. Guiding Principle 3. Each person has her own unique destiny to fulfill on this planet.

Trust that each experience you have supports a bigger picture. Your job is to show up fully for YOUR process, giving it your one hundred percent. Then allow the universe to deliver your heartfelt desires in perfect timing for YOU.