Connect to Authentic Success

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The Importance of Building a Brand Story

This makes it accessible for anyone on your team to organize any story into an engaging framework. Click here to learn more about this and credited writer, Emma Coates. Without doing much more work, you can get four to five assets out of every webinar or webcam panel. The templatization of these processes can allow you to get much more content out of a campaign. If you think it through and structure an authentic story you can turn that into a webinar, guide, a blog post, videos, really anything.

Connect to Authentic Success: 7 Steps to the Destiny You Launch 13th March 2013

When a viewer has a voice or better yet a face to connect to, authentic human connections are much more easily formed. Viewers now expect ease of access and being empowered to engage on their terms. Streaming content is limited by only creativity, try shaking up your content with interesting ways to shrink the boundaries between you and your viewer. This new format has gained traction for its convenience and storytelling ability. Live presenter cut with prerecorded inline interview segments, similar to a podcast. Like a conversation digitized, we see examples of this format frequently on the daily news.

Why Connect in the First Place?

Audiences love it, and so do presenters due to ease of preparation. This provides additional benefits in requiring fewer slide preparations, through emphasis on audio or video. The preparation all comes down to the story structure that we talked about why, how, what. Votes, questions, downloads, ratings, live audience messages, and contact requests. All rich content is good, but the personalized and contextualized follow-up for strong conversion that live streaming allows for is invaluable.

You get more than views, you get conversation.

How to Build Authentic Connections with Potential Customers

This is key if you want to turn views into sales. You also get contextual information on user questions, polls, views and downloads that you can use in follow-up conversations. Personalization and contextual outreach is sometimes sacrificed as systems scale.

Create marketing program briefs detailing why they were run, who the target audiences are, and what some of the key messages are. That way the authenticity of the story you are telling comes through in follow-up when reaching out to your leads. Steep all personnel in the campaign messaging to keep consistency with the story you are telling. Language at the top of the funnel and bottom of the funnel should align. It means we hit the market so much more often.

Before event: There is an optimal time to promote and engage audiences. After Event: Use engagement data to properly engage the right attendees after the fact, in the right ways. The soul is the most authentic form of you. When it is fighting to lead you to an experience or person, do you listen?

5 Steps to Connecting with Your True, Authentic Self

Your ego may jump in to tell you that it's dumb, or others will think you are crazy. Because the ego only cares about being liked. That's its number one job! Ego wants to survive, be boosted up, and fit in wherever it goes. The ego loves the standards set by society because they are an easy set of guidelines it can follow to ensure you it get noticed with positive feedback. Soul on the other hand has no fear of who likes it and who doesn't. The soul has the only truth to personal power, happiness, and authentic love.

The soul can feel when you love from a surface level—a love that will never go beyond the car you drive, your bank account, or your social standing. Your soul, the intuitive side of you, will lead you to authentic love if you allow it to have power over ego. Whether it is for acceptance, inclusion, or simply pleasing those you love, judgment will come. Sometimes those around you will judge because they feel a particular aspect you are now showing the world is sudden.

Connect To Authentic Success

Even though you have really just been hiding it or not allowing yourself to explore, they are not aware of that. Allow them an adjusting period along with conversation about why you have chosen to be more authentic. This can be a difficult decision, especially with those you love. If you have acclimated your life to speaking, acting, and reacting a particular way due to thinking that is what they wanted, remind yourself that you could be wrong. What if they don't feel that way themselves?

What if they have been programmed to also follow such rules, traditions, and thought processes? You could be their door to express their authenticity as well. Unfortunately, depending upon each situation and topic, there is also the chance that someone will excuse themselves from your life. Perhaps they too are afraid of being judged if they continue to socialize in your presence. You may have heard of, seen, or experienced firsthand this type of scenario.

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The choice must be yours, but ask yourself: if you're not being truthful to receive love, how much are you receiving anyway? There are many more people out there who will love the authentic you at your deepest most intimate self. People often ask how someone with a large bank account could ever be unhappy or how could someone with so many who love them not love themselves? These questions are easily answered: They were not authentic.

Authenticity doesn't just provide outward success and happiness, it provides the deepest form of self-love: to not only know who you are but also share it freely with the world, allowing the universe to align the rest. This is one of the greatest compliments and expressions of gratitude you could ever show to the life force within.