Developing Your Intuition: 5 Simple Steps To Help You Live a More Intuitive Life

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A Journal will help you keep a record of what has happened, evaluate your intuition, and learn what exercises work well for you.

Improve Your Intuition: Practical Insights & Tips from the Experts

Exercise 1. Work with direct literal intuition. Find a place to sit comfortably. Follow your breath by counting '1' on the inhale and '2' on the exhale. When you are relaxed and quiet, identify an event or situation that you'd like more insight about. Focus on the event or situation intently for a few minutes. Ask for a direct intuitive experience about it in the near future.

Let it go.

Intuition Basics

Exercise 2. Work with indirect symbolic intuition. Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Ask yourself, "What does my life need right now? Imagine you are going toward a more meaningful answer each time you ask. When you've finished with the 3 rd question, pick up your pen and draw one symbol on your paper.

Interpret this symbol. What does it suggest you add, subtract, or enjoy from your life?

Developing your intuition can be learned using some simple tips.

Exercise 3. Learn to look for and pay attention to intuition's subtle messages. Invest in your sixth sense. Imagine that your eyes, ears, hands, skin, emotions, and intellect could stretch out into the invisible world and capture sensations, information, inspiration, knowledge, and wisdom like a cable or a cell phone captures invisible waves of sounds and images.

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Let yourself 'walk' through your day sensitive to other dimensions. Exercise 4. Choose a sense to work with. Intuition uses the senses to describe or receive information and or knowledge. Choose one and practice with others as you see fit. Your Intuitive Body Make a date with yourself on your calendar and allow 2 -3 hours. When the time comes, get in your car or if you are without a car, you can walk and begin to drive without knowing where you are going. Resist the first few 'ideas' you have about where you are going.

Wait for the idea that makes your body very relaxed. Your body is your best barometer of what is right-if your choice arises from intuition, you will experience inner stillness, silence, and 'knowing' it is right. When the barometer is correct, go visit the person, place, or event that is suggested. Your Intuitive Eye Sit quietly anywhere, any time. Relax your eyebrows and forehead. Let the muscles of your face 'melt' into ease. Inhale and exhale rhythmically. Going with the gut feels too risky. We can always blame the data if we make a bad decision. It gets more personal if we make a mistake by going with our instinct.

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We then are confronted in trusting ourselves as well as earning the trust of others. Yet thinking outside the box and being willing to take risks is a core element of being an effective leader and entrepreneur. In fact, research shows us that data-informed, gut-based decisions are the most effective. Why not take the best of both worlds, instead of over-inflating data, and undervaluing your inner signals and cues?

Data is only as good as its source. Is the data timely? Loaded with bias? One eye-opening study that recently surfaced, showed that 1 in 4 statisticians have been asked to commit fraud. And while we are putting more stock into artificial intelligence because it processes information much faster than we can, AI is only as good as the data and programming that created it. In other words, our own biases and prejudices are amplified through AI, as found in racist and Hitler-loving sex robots. We have to intuit the accuracy and source of our metrics.

How we look at and slice the data can make all the difference. If you see a raw data set, the connections that you make will depend on your frames and models from past experience. And if your perspective is out-of-date, or you are not sure where to focus your attention, you miss out on the most relevant data points.

Intuition can aid us in pattern recognition and point us toward what we should be looking for in the first place. For example, if you work for a digital marketing company and exclusively pull data from how baby boomers use technology, yet intuit that you should be putting more attention on the next generation of consumers. In other words, raw data is just a bunch of numbers. Where human intuition comes into play is through how we connect the dots and the story we interpret.

This is what moves humans in marketing, sales, and leadership. He does a great job in summarizing the biases and errors of our thinking, and how our insights are colored by our perceptions. By not becoming aware of our biases, tendencies, and unconscious agendas, we misinterpret data to see what we want to see. And yet they knew the consequences would be worse if they ignored their gut, as that had happened several times before.

Finally, what conclusions do we draw after our analysis and testing? Are your conclusions accurate for why they are not hitting their targets, or are there other factors that you are not accounting for? The more we incorporate intuition with data, the more we can use AI and other technologies to augment our decisions and outcomes, and not outsource what makes us most human in the process. If you want to learn how to train your teams to use the power of intuition to make better decisions, contact us at info invisible-edgellc.

If you feel inspired to learn more about developing your own intuitive skills, order your copy of Decisive Intuition today! Thanks for your support, and I look forward to hearing your feedback and what this inspires in your own company culture and decision-making! We are thrilled to announce that we are releasing Intuition University to the public on Thursday, June 13th! We all know the value of emotional intelligence and how this has revolutionized the business space—and has been shown to correlate with higher levels of engagement, performance, and profitability in company cultures.

It also allows you to confidently and rapidly make decisions, which gives you an edge in every facet of your business. In Part One , we learned how stillness the antidote to overwhelm can be achieved in a number of ways, but the key is shifting focus from mind to body. Then in Part Two , we saw that silence can be a powerful way to deepen relationships in the workplace and at home.

This week, we conclude our series with the final piece of the trifecta: presence. When you practice slowing down, stillness, and silence, the net effect is more presence. You create a wide-angle lens that is able to take in more information. Just like in slow-motion instant replay, you can dissect the whole scene and get a better picture of what really happened. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give your team. The more you practice slowing down, the more you will stand out in a typically hectic workspace. And most importantly, you will be able to offer the timely insights and solutions that those around you missed, as you are now coming from a different perspective.

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When you get more present in the moment, you create a more receptive space to listen to all of your signals and cues. You are now a notch deeper than the conscious mind and thoughts, and on the same frequency as intuition. Cultivating presence will help you in every facet of your business. Plus, it just feels better to be present with yourself and your experience versus being disconnected, with your thoughts going a million miles a minute.

The key for accessing your intuition is that you interrupt your normal thought stream. You slow down the process, allowing space for your deeper subconscious and intuition to find you. There is no one-size-fits-all. Experiment and find out what works for you. If you want to learn how to train your sales teams to use the power of slowing down to win more sales, contact us at info invisible-edgellc. And stay tuned for our upcoming e-learning platform launch. Remote training on Intuitive Sales is coming soon! Highly effective in any context in which relationships are important, but particularly in sales, the second piece of the trifecta is silence.

Silence is a rare yet powerful deviation from the typical business exchange. One of the most powerful techniques and ways of being that I learned in my own sales training — and the one that was the hardest for me to practice — was simply staying silent after asking a question. You create a monologue, not a dialogue. And who likes to be talked at versus related to? When I used to do sales over the phone, I would duct tape my mouth after asking a question because I had such a strong impulse to ask a few questions in a row or answer my own question on behalf of the prospect.

Once I learned to embrace silence, my relationships deepened and engagement increased—and not just in sales. There is a gravitational pull, and the other person has more space to share their real needs and wants.

Simple steps to tap into your true self by connecting to your internal GPS guide — your intuition.

Yet, it is often difficult to be with silence as it can bring up discomfort, social awkwardness, and insecurities. This is where a relationship deepens. Think about a recent situation in which silence could have helped you achieve a better outcome from a difficult conversation. Become aware of these opportunities, and challenge yourself to allow space silence for the unexpected. This hustle mentality is something that has become endemic in our workaholic society.

But I cannot stress enough the importance of slowing down when it comes to accessing your intuition. Overwhelm and intuition are mutually exclusive. So what are the methods of slowing down to listen to your deeper intelligence? There are three practices I find to be particularly helpful and easy to apply in a business context. This is easy in theory, but can be quite challenging in practice. In an increasingly fast-paced world, being still seems like a lost art.

This is something that I grapple with daily. Yet when I make the time for a few moments of stillness, my focus goes from narrow and pointed to wide and panoramic. My thoughts settle, and my breathing anchors me to the present moment. I often achieve this by simply sitting still and turning my focus toward my breath and my body sensations. However, there are many ways you can still your mind throughout the day. Any activity or non-activity!

Never try to be intuitive, Sadhguru about intuition and gut feeling

Getting still allows you to check in with yourself on a deeper level. You are no longer focused on the next shiny object or overly impacted by unhelpful vibes around you. Email: info invisible-edgellc. Press enter to begin your search. Category Intuition Basics. Sep Share this:.

Yet if you practice and develop your intuitive skills every day, you experience a quantum leap in: Making better choices in the most critical areas of your business Enjoying more fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life Building a deep and trusting relationship with yourself Allowing new creativity and innovation to flourish Gaining clarity on your most fulfilling purpose and path Being less affected by stress and strong emotional states Improving communication Learning to tune into your environment for more informed decisions If this speaks to you, and you wish to develop your intuitive skills and capacity for these results and more, come join us for our 6-week Masterclass: Find Your Invisible Edge: Harness the Superpower of Your Intuitive Intelligence.

We look forward to helping you develop this critical skill for 21st century leadership! Aug What if you can be intuitive and decisive at the same time? Is It a Bad Gut Feeling? Or Good Intuition? Jul If we are not connected to a deeper purpose or sense of meaning, the 10x chase is empty. Growth, like everything in life, comes in cycles. This article originally appeared on Thrive Global. Jun Why build your intuitive intelligence?