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This meeting was very consequential for Gogol, for Pushkin helped get him a position teaching at the Patriotic Institute and then the University of St. Pushkin also urged Gogol to look to Ukrainian folktales to fashion short stories, which led to the successful Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka Gogol published his only play, The Inspector General or The Government Inspector in , but he was so distressed by its staging and the way the audience and critics received it that he left Russia.

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He traveled around Europe for twelve years, spending most of it in Rome. While he was in Rome, he wrote Dead Souls , or what he intended to be its first part. Published in , it was received well by critics and the public. Gogol most likely suffered from depression, which he tried to alleviate by embarking on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

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Because of the priest's view that all fiction was a lie, Gogol burned what he had of the second part of Dead Souls. He also apparently starved himself and may have gone insane. Doctors tried numerous awful remedies to help him, but none worked. Gogol died on March 4, , at the age of He left no family and no estate. In , his body was exhumed, and since the corpse was facedown, rumors abounded that he was buried alive.

Thus, Gogol himself brought together Diary of a Madman is a short story written by Nikolai Gogol in The novel was published for the first time in the collected stories Arabesques with the title Shreds of Notes of a Madman in Later, it was included in the St. The Government Inspector is one of the most famous Russian plays, renowned for its satirical portrayal of government officials and laced with apocalyptic, absurd overtones.

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Gogol began work on the comedy, originally named "Grooms" in In May he gave Pogodin excerpts from the play "Provincial bride" the action took Gogol began working on the story during the creation of "Evenings Roosevelt, T. Stein, G. Stevenson, R. Wells, H. Warner, et al. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. This is in great measure true, especially so far as the male characters are concerned. In imitation of the ancient epics, writers portrayed heroes of gigantic powers in every direction, and set them in a framework of exceptional crises which aroused their powerful emotions in the cause of right, or their superhuman conflict with masterful persons or overwhelming woes.

But the daily experience of those who suffered from the manifold miseries of battle and invasion in this modern epic epoch, made it impossible for them to disregard longer the claim on their sympathies of the common things and people of their world, though these can very easily be ignored when one reads the ancient epics.

Collected Tales Nikolai Gogol

Thus did realism have its dawn in many lands when the era of peace gave men time to define their position, and when pseudo-classicism had at last palled on their taste, which had begun to recognize its coldness and inherent falsity. Naturally, in this new quest of Truth, romanticism and realism were mingled at first.

This was the case with Gogol-Yanovsky, to give him his full name. But he soon struck out in the right path.

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He was born and reared in Little Russia, at Sorotchinsky, government of Poltava. The spirit of the Zaporozhian Kazaks still lingered over the land, which was overflowing with legends, and with fervent, childlike piety of the superstitious order. At school Gogol did not distinguish himself in his studies, but wrote a great deal, all of an imitative character, and got up school plays in emulation of those which he had seen at his own home.

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His lack of scholarship made it impossible for him to pursue the learned career of professor of history, on which he embarked after he had with labor obtained, and shortly renounced, the career of copying-clerk in St. Now, for instance, he undertook a colossal work in nine volumes on the history of the Middle Ages. The authorities steadfastly opposed its production; but the Emperor Nicholas I.

Officials, merchants, police, literary people, everybody, attacked the author. They had laughed at his pathos; now they raged at his comedy, refused to recognize their own portraits, and still tried to have the play prohibited.

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He fled abroad, and returned to Russia thereafter only at intervals for brief visits, and chiefly to Moscow, where most of his faithful friends lived. But this long residence in Rome was fatal to his mind and health, and eventually extinguished the last sparks of genius. The Russian mind is peculiarly inclined to mysticism, and Russian writers of eminence seem to be even more susceptible in that direction than ordinary men. Of the noted writers in this century, Pushkin and Lermontov had leaned decidedly in that direction towards the end of their careers, brief as their lives were.

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Gogol was their intimate friend in Russia, and after he went abroad he was the intimate friend of the aged poet Zhukovsky, who became a mystic in his declining years. Even in his school days Gogol had shown, in his letters to his mother, a marked tendency to religious exaltation. Now, under the combined pressure of his personal inclinations, friendships, and the clerical atmosphere of Rome, he developed into a mystic and ascetic of the most pronounced type. The extract from these hortatory letters to his friends which he published convinced his countrymen that nothing more was to be expected from him.

The failure of this volume only helped to plunge him into deeper depths of self-torture.