SOCIAL JOB HUNTING GUIDE: How To Find a Job Using Social Media

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Make connections with key stakeholders, follow career experts and contribute to relevant discussion groups. And remember networking works both ways — the more you are willing to help someone else, the more likely they will be to help you. Regularly reach out to your connections, write recommendations and reviews, and share interesting content with them. By doing this, when you need an introduction or a referral, you should have many willing to support you in return. Whether you are new to the job hunting market or a seasoned pro, it can really help to have an experienced professional on your side to guide you through the challenges and pitfalls.

At ME Recruits, since we have worked with many job seekers to help them secure their next career move. With our connections with hundreds of businesses both locally and further afield, our friendly and experienced Recruitment Consultants can not only help to find your ideal role, but also support you with the planning and preparation beforehand to give you the best chance of success.

About Us Need A Job? What to do and not to do on Social Media when job hunting When interviewing for a job, just as you will do your research into the company, its employees and the brand, it is getting more and more common practice for interviewers to do the same back for candidates prior to meeting.

Have a visible online presence When you've decided it is time to move on in your career, it is important to have an online presence to showcase your skills and experience.

The influence of Social Media when hunting for a job in property

Google Yourself! Be careful what you say… or Tweet To start with, bear in mind that you are probably connected or are friends with colleagues on social media sites, so anything you may post about a new job search may be read by your employer or co-workers. Be professional Make sure all your profile pics are suitable for prospective employers to see.

Start Networking!

2. Separate Personal from Professional

Giving you a helping hand in the recruitment process. Your next step is to send out invitations, if you haven't already, to "Link In" with everyone you know - not just people who you think may be helpful to you in your job search. Many opportunities can be found through second and third-degree connections, and you'd be surprised at who knows who.

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When sending invitations to connect, customize LinkedIn's boilerplate message field to briefly explain to potential connections how you may know each other. It goes without saying that you should proofread all messages before sending! Maintain your career momentum by employing useful features built in to the LinkedIn platform.

How to Find a Job Using Social Media

The primary advantage of this is that once you have 'joined,' other group members — who work at a variety of organizations you may be interested in working for - will be more open to being contacted by individuals within the group. A bold, but highly effective, move would be to suggest an informational interview so that your interactions are brought offline and into real time. Chatting over coffee or speaking by phone provides real insights into company culture that just can't happen in an online setting.

Ask those who know your work well to post a recommendation, since people whose colleagues vouch for them earn more attention and, according to LinkedIn, are three times more likely to be contacted through LinkedIn people searches. Now that you have set your basic LinkedIn profile, upload writing samples or add links to an online portfolio or Web page to give employers a taste of your creative, technical, graphic design or instructional capabilities that might otherwise go unnoticed. Founded in , and with over million subscribers in , LinkedIn's impact on the modern job search can't be overstated.

The site's recent acquisition by Microsoft will undoubtedly propel the social media giant into the stratosphere. No longer a mere networking site, LinkedIn's technology underscores this social media tool's rise to a pinnacle of worldwide business interconnectedness. Think that your social media job search begins and ends with LinkedIn? Think again. Your Facebook page can now be used to your professional advantage rather than just a way to keep up with high school buddies. Before you go job searching, however, wipe clean any remnants of inappropriate photos or comments you may have posted in an earlier time period when you were less concerned about your 'professional online presence.

Just like LinkedIn, Facebook can link you to potential connections through their Groups feature by typing key words such as "Human Resources" into the search box, which will present a selection of HR-related pages. In addition, organizations with company Facebook pages use them to promote their latest and greatest products and services, post videos and news about the company, and even allow you to interact with other company 'fans' and customers. As jobs get posted on company Facebook pages, don't overlook this potential source for opportunities.

Your next stop on your social media job search is Twitter. Part of any good job search these days, Twitter has come a long way from the days when people were prompted to answer the ubiquitous Twitter question, "What are you doing? The real-time nature of Twitter is such that opportunities come and go at a rapid speed, so you need to be signed in often, reading and commenting on other's' posts, and displaying your professional smarts while steering clear of dishing dirt or airing your family laundry.

How Social Media Can Cost Someone Their Job

Your Username or handle can reveal a skill or an interest such as Doglover12 but when you're seeking work, the most effective thing you can do is simply use your real name; that, and a brief bio suited to the type of work you seek, will enable hiring managers to find you. Unlike LinkedIn, where formality rules, you can show a bit more personality on your Twitter bio. Whether using social media to find a job via Facebook or Twitter, position yourself for success by following industry blogs, news sites and people you find interesting.

When something strikes you as useful, funny or shareable, you can repost. Since anyone following you may read what you post, maintain an upbeat, professional tone and gear your posts to topics that are aligned with your industry or field. Try not to overdo the use of links or rely heavily on re-posts or retweets, as doing so doesn't show you to be a good conversational partner. To find new people to follow, try directories such as twellow. An important feature of both Facebook and Twitter is using hashtags to mark subjects you are tweeting about, so that others who have that topic in mind can find like-minded followers among the throng of users.

Try jobsearch, jobpostings, jobhunt, employment, recruiters, careers or similar hashtags to locate people who may be currently seeking you for their company's opportunities.

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  • Looking for a job with a huge company? It goes without saying that social media has revolutionized today's job search.

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    You don't have to be a sleuth to uncover opportunities using your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter accounts, because these sites have become mainstream tools designed to help you manage your career search. With limited time and resources, consider joining one or two of these networks to help you harness the power of social media.