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This works for language learning or any type of learning, for that matter as well. However, not only does repetition become exciting when you are doing it for an exciting or important for you purpose, your brain is fast to realize that it needs to store this information, as it has proven to be useful. Into celeb news? Read a gossip blog in English! Subscribe to your favorite English-speaking singers, actors or creators on Instagram or other social media.

Find professional publications that publish materials from English speakers and cover all of your favorite topics. This one is sort of similar to the previous point. When you need to talk to someone, you are forced to use the language the two of you have in common. A lot of people have voiced their fear of picking up mistakes from such unedited interactions.

Not everyone, using English online, is a native speaker and even when they are, such messages can still be riddled with mistakes, lack of punctuation and slang. Furthermore, such informal settings help you relax and pay less attention to the embarrassing mistakes you are making. As long as you are bringing your point across, the other party, in the conversation, is generally just happy to have someone nice and interesting to talk to.

All the games, relevant topics and online conversations will only get you so far. To really perfect your English, watch movies, TV shows and programs created by native speakers. Samantha Bee is another favorite. Search YouTube for day time and late night shows that post videos online, subscribe to Netflix or Hulu, and definitely check out the free content Facebook Watch has been putting out lately. Reading the text on the screen is not only extremely distracting, it just feels like work.

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This one is for all of you advanced students out there. She writes copy for Crello.

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Ginger's Blog. Nov 15th Guest post written by Mary Ivanova. Turn it into a game Gamification is all the rage right now. Another way to do this is to get your friends to bring their draft to a study session and go through it with them. Give them suggestions about how to improve their work.

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I used to have my cousin coming up to me wanting to play with me all the time, but I was busy studying! We have a laugh, the kid usually says some cute stuff, and then they get bored and I get on with studying again. This trick is called the Premack Principle. Set yourself a goal like:.

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Because they love making their study notes visually appealing. They practice calligraphy, visual organization and design to make their note taking a work of art. And one of them is that it does make the time pass faster and I enjoy studying more! I find that I procrastinate a lot. I spend lots of time reading blog posts and watching random YouTube videos when really I know I should be studying.

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I think maybe it silences some of the distracting voices in my head and I really focus in some more as a result. Try to find music with a good underlying beat but no singing voices. I just want it to set the tone.

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The study music from YouTube that I embedded above does a good job of that, I think. So check out a couple of seconds of the video above to get an idea of what I mean. Again, the video above is a good example of some pretty upbeat, fun, happy sort of study music that I like to listen to. Probably the most popular example of that is the periodic table of elements song that I have embedded above.

But how about trying out a little A-B-A-B rhyming scheme with some information you need to remember? An A-B-A-B rhyming scheme is simply when the first and third lines rhyme, then the second and forth lines rhyme. My penmanship is pretty bad. In truth, my writing looks so sad it ought to be unlawful. That rhyming scheme is from this great post from Poetry4Kids. I highly recommend it! If you decide to do this option, make sure you share your rhyming scheme with me in the comments at the end of this page!

I usually procrastinate for a few minutes after this.

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Then, I kick myself and tell myself I need to get back to work. Then I went to university and started studying psychology and sociology. I loved them, and happily studied for them all the time! Turns out the reason I hated studying in high school was because I was studying subjects that I hated! But I think studying is totally like working out. The more you do it, the more you enjoy it. It starts feeling good because you get good at it. People who love going to the gym will understand me here.

You go there to feel good about yourself.

The more you get ahead in your coursework, the more it actually becomes enjoyable to learn about. This will encourage you to study even more and it starts snowballing. Bring your laptop and order a beer or something to eat at least once an hour. You could study for the first two hours and then stop to have some pints as a celebratory reward. Or, you could make studying a light drinking game.