The Belladonna who Bedazzled the Bank

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The sexual motif is the film's backbone and runs a spectrum from passionate to violent to depraved. A group of men don tuxedos for no apparent reason and then toss around a football. A drug dealer threatens to kill someone and then disappears for the rest of the movie. Upon awaking, a man picks up a rose from his night table, smells it, and throws it on top of his sleeping girlfriend. A recurring rooftop "exterior" is obviously a studio set, with a backdrop of the San Francisco skyline digitally composited behind the action. Accidental surrealism can be even more potent than the conscious kind, and THE ROOM is some kind of zenith of its type, the equal to anything Ed Wood committed to celluloid.

Ross Morin, assistant professor of film studies at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, calls it "one of the most important films of the past decade. Through the complete excess in every area of production, THE ROOM reveals to us just how empty, preposterous and silly the films and television programs we've watched over the past couple of decades have been. Sure, this putative subject serves as a vehicle to draw the viewer in when journalist and co-director David Farrier comes across competitive endurance tickling competitions online, but the true subject matter of this documentary is the mystery behind these videos and the persons responsible for creating them.

As Farrier and the film's other co-director Dylan Reeve seek out answers, harassment and legal action is threatened against them for digging too deep. TICKLED's style is reminiscent of an investigative journalism piece, with the right amount of levity and humor to keep it fresh. The directors make frequent use of guerrilla filmmaking techniques to protect themselves as well as to get more expansive explanations from the people they interview who otherwise might not be so candid.

The film touches on themes of power, online anonymity, and greed. The narrative depicted is compelling; it does not seek to be controversial, but it becomes so through the persistent resistance of its subjects. A concert, in which the acclaimed director performs themes from his films and new compositions. Advance tickets sold out; a limited number of tickets will be available when doors open 8pm per the Ticketweb website. Bryn Mawr Ave. Preceded by J. Live accompaniment by Jay Warren. Chicago Filmmakers N. Clark St. Filmmakers in person. Filmfront W.

Also showing are a TBA selection of short films, chosen by Medina. Black Cinema House S. Kimbark Ave. Stony Island Ave. Free admission. Garfield Blvd. Free Admission. Milwaukee Ave. The Goethe-Institut Chicago N. Michigan Ave. Throop through August Randolph St. More info and a list of scheduled gallery talks at www.