The Blueprint: Gods Design for Your Life

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Writing what I feel God to be saying has massively directed the course of my life. My journal has, in so many ways, become a blueprint for my life.

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The proximity and presence of God is the source of my journal insights. What we hear and see in the presence of God is, most obviously, a blueprint for our lives. Arising from our presence with God and his presence with us, our passions are stirred. When we sincerely submit ourselves to God, he begins to reveal himself through our sanctified emotions. The things I care about, my emotions of holy discontent, the things I passionately want to do with my life, those are a blueprint to give me guidance and direction into the will of God.

When you care about something, have the confidence in your relationship with Christ to allow yourself to believe that God promoted that concern within you. What are you most passionate about? What makes you angry?

What is the wrong in the world you passionately feel must be fixed? I cannot right every wrong in the world. I cannot give myself to every worthy cause. We could sit here and list hundreds of causes right now, and neither of us could take all of them on. Seeing a worthy cause is not enough.

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What are you afraid of? Fear is an emotion and it is an indicator. There is paralyzing and debilitating fear, and then there is a healthy fear that raises questions and concerns. Emdo not run from our fears we face them.

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If there is something you are afraid of it might be a barrier to the very thing you are supposed to do. Fear is a mechanism warning us about moving forward or taking risks. Examine the things you are afraid of, because fear is intermingled with passion, is resident in risk, and it is very often resident in the risk we are to take. Abide in the presence of God, a passion will arise, and a path will emerge. Our path is our past, our present, and our future. What paths have you walked in the past?

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What is your story? What has God already done on your journey? Our path is our divine strategic plan for forward movement. How has your past prepared you for the future? What do you know how to do?

What did you love to do when you were a kid? What is God doing in your life right now? You can be assured God is preparing you for right now and for tomorrow. The things God is doing in your life today are part of your blueprint. Observe the hand of God, pay attention to the every day events of your life.

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