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So, she decides to take up the role of agony aunt for the newspaper to keep an eye on Mackenzie.

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But, when she starts replying to her fellow students' messages under the alias "Miss Know-It-All", she realises being an advice columnist is a more important job than she ever thought it would be! The school dance is coming around and Nikki is desperate for Brandon to ask her to be his date.

But, what's worse than Brandon not asking Nikki? It's him asking Mackenzie!

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Will Nikki have the night of her life or will she have to watch her crush walk into the dance with her arch-nemesis? Fame is coming Nikki's way as a reality TV crew start filming Niki and her friends for a month as they record their new hit single. But, life in front of the camera may not go so smoothly for Nikki and her friends as they face the cost of fame.

Nikki has a very strange experience after suffering from a bump on the head.

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She dreams that herself, her friends, Brandon and Mackenzie are all characters in familiar fairy tales. Will this dream fade into a nightmare? The story is about to get turned upside down as Mackenzie steals Nikki's diary! Not only does she find out all Nikki's personal thoughts, she decides to start telling her own story. When the animal shelter that Brandon volunteers for has to turn away a litter of puppies after becoming full to capacity, Nikki comes to the rescue!

She takes in all seven puppies and then realises she has a pretty big obstacle to get around with her parents not allowing her to have dogs in the house!

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So, she concocts a plan to hide them in her house at night and sneak them into school with her during the day. But, how long can this last before she gets caught? When Nikki spends a week at North Hampton Hills for a school transfer programme, the last person she wants to run into is mean girl Mackenzie!

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It may just be that the only way to survive the week is for Nikki and Mackenzie to team up to bring down Tiffany and her mean ways together. The school holidays are fast approaching in this instalment of the Dork Diaries series and Nikki has to decide how she will be spending her summer.

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It's a crush catastrophe! What will Nikki do?

This addition to the Dork Diaries series gives the reader a chance to start putting together their own diary. Featuring a new story starring all the best-loved Dork Diaries characters and Nikki's list of what to include in your own diary, this is a must-have for every Dork Diaries fan. Make your very own Dork Diary by answering Nikki's questions and writing your own dork-tastic entries! With a question for each day of the year, journaling has never been easier.

Treat your kids to the Dork Diaries books and they'll have plenty of laughs ahead of them. His daughter did, at the behest of a secretive society known as the Users. As the gols, the humanlike automata who have enslaved the humans, prepare to carry out Hoodwink's sentence, the Users plot even greater turmoil. If Hoodwink gives up the ghost without first extricating his daughter from their clutches, she will most likely join him in the afterlife. What Hoodwink and the Users don't realize is that they are all pawns in a greater game whose stakes are the very survival of humanity itself.

Will Hoodwink escape in time to save his daughter? More importantly, will he break free of the invisible forces that guide him? Or will he succumb to the domination of his unseen masters and cause the breaking of the world, losing not just his daughter, but everything?

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