The Hush Hush Secrets of Creating a Life You Love

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Tis true, it is hard to out whit this brain. Overall, the Mad Scientist is more then pleasantly pleased. It was a wonderful read and a great debut novel! I was wrong and I have not regretted it at all.

Hush Hush Noise

Mainly character of the book is the year-old Nora. A quiet girl, not in an annoying way, which for me was easy enough to understand her and her feelings. Beside her is her best friend, her mother and later the other major character of the story, Patch, who is coming along with other mysterious characters. Apart from Nora, Vee and her mother all other characters are a real mystery and diverse enough to change their characters and the story. While the beginning of the book is Twilight alike, and we are in a biology laboratory with an obnoxious partner, then it's changing very much and I would put it far away from Twilgiht and the writing style of Stephanie Meyer.

Personally, it is much much better. It's a pretty dark book, full of action, mystery and tension. On the one hand you had the peculiar relationship of Patch and Nora, from the other mystery of assassination attempts to Nora. Along with the Patch appear and others with fairly dark past and form. The best thing is that the book is not predictable.

It is very difficult nowadays to find something really authentic and i believe that hush, hush accomplishes that part. Every 50 pages approximately when you think you have a conclusion to what is happening, something will happen and will change your mind again, but not in a way to be confused or tired with it. The characters are fairly comprehensive, and persons who remind you of people from your environment. Bad girls, cute guys and of course the bad guys who you really want to avoid or afraid.

Of course there is an intense love story but is written beautifully next of all the facts and the history of characters without be too much. I believe it can be read easily enough from boys as well. Something might be worth to point out is that at some points rather dark were both well written and descriptive that scared me with the result of the scene to stayed on my mind for good. I think should begin to watch out the evening in the street. Also, something that really surprised me, is the fact that all the characters are used in the story with none of the mentioned people to staying out.

Every single person which was mentioned has a role to play.

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Something that i can't remember if i have seen it in another books. If the books loses somewhere, then it is that missing information on angels.

Apart from a posting a page that is supposed Nora would find, we did not learn much about them, although some conclusions are easy to get out. Overall, I enjoyed the book and I am especially glad that I chose it. The preview chapter of the next book which was included at the end, has made me want it even more since it appears that Patch has even more mysteries around him than you can imagine.

Right from the start, you were thrown into a mystery, which kept on building up then all of a sudden BOOM! Basically its a paranormal romance between angel and human. Just to let you know, there is a lot more than what meets the eye in this book. This book is VERY entertaining, partly for its humor. It got me LOL for most of the book something that i never do in romance, since i m mostly in aww.

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Its a real page-turner and i mean it! As you are reading, you think you got the mystery finally figured out, then OH! Bella knowing exactly what she is getting herself into. This however is not the case in this novel. True it does have similarities to other paranormal romances these days. BUT, Becca does something different in this story: Nora falls for Patch without getting in on his secret.

This novel is Mystery, Action, Romance and Fantasy all tied together in a beautiful package. If you are one of those crazyyy for paranormal romance type-of girls, then you will absolutely LOVE this novel. I think one of the best things i liked about this story is that it was very believable.

Nora Grey and Patch Cipriano

Each and every character was relate-able. In my opinion, the best believable element was the Angel part, because angels are real most religions believe in them, including myself.

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  6. After reading this story, i got really interested in things we CANT see, but know that it exists. Made me look at the world from a different perspective.


    Although, it was sooo asking for a sequel. This book was great. A romantic thriller with an angelic twist. Not that Patch is angelic, quite the opposite in fact. I loved the snarky dialogue between Nora and Patch. It was entertaining and felt right with the pace of the storyline. The writing was clear, well paced and succinct. A romance that was not overly superfluous! I loved it. I enjoyed the 'thriller' style of the book and didn't feel it was too scary, it just made me more curious to try and figure out what was going on.

    I was not able to guess one of the big twists until right around when it occurred which was great. Filled with banter, action, and surprises Hush, Hush is a book you don't want to put down. Look for the sequel Crescendo on October 19, ! There may be a tad bit of spoilery below. Meet Nora. She is currently sitting in 10th grade biology with her best friend, Vee. They are starting the section on Human Reproduction! Boy, do I remember those lectures!

    He wants to break up the familiarity so they can do some sleuthing and learn investigative skills. Enter Patch, a mysterious boy who no one really knows anything about since he hasn't uttered a word all year.

    Bestselling Series